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Brandie Cole Psychotherapy, PLLC


"I know that it can be incredibly difficult to reach out and ask for help. I think it is one of the bravest things a person can do. I also believe that change and hope are very real. I would be honored and privileged to get to be the person that walks beside you in your journey of healing."


~Brandie Cole, LCSW-S


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Working with Brandie evolved my understanding of EMDR in ways I never imagined. Her recipe for success included a thorough review of the phases, tailored attention to protocols that fit my practice scope, consistent input on specific cases, humor, compassion, encouragement, and advocacy. As I navigate the journey of EMDR with my clients, I hear her voice reminding me to trust myself, my clients' brains, and the EMDR process. I am forever grateful that Brandie was my guide to certification!" 
-Kylie, EMDR Consultee
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